More About Me

Hey Everyone!

** This is an older post from my other hosting site, but I hope you’ll enjoy it!**

This entry is a bit more personal for me, but I hope you enjoy it , relate to it, and of course that it helps. πŸ™‚



My Weight has been a constant struggle throughout my life.Β  I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia as a child which meant I had low blood sugar and had to monitor my blood sugar levels constantly throughout the day. When I had an episode it could mean passing out, seizures, or a trip to the hospital. 12 years of my life was spent pricking my finger and checking my blood every few hours, not being able to eat sweets like the other kids, going to the doctor every few months to get my blood tested, and all the medications I had to take. And after all of that, I just grew out of it. I no longer had to do any of things, and I only had to get my blood tested once every six months.


It was great! I may have indulged a bit in the sweets after that, mainly sodas, because I didn’t have the taste for cookies or candy after not being able to have it all those years. During one of my doctor visits though they discovered a problem with my thyroid gland, mine actually didn’t work at all.Β  Your thyroid is a gland in your neck that basically controls your metabolism, and symptoms of an under active thyroid (or hypothyroidism) is weight gain, hair loss, tiredness, cold intolerance, and a slow heart rate. I spent the next 15 years of my life testing and re-testing my thyroid levels through more blood work, getting my medication adjusted, and riding this roller coaster of weight gain and exhaustion.Β  Which brings me to the present.


I am on the highest dose of thyroid hormone replacement that a doctor will prescribe and I feel great. After quickly gaining 30 pounds in the last two years I finally have hope.Β  I am very active at my job and since purchasing my Fitbit Flex I’ve found that I walk an average 5 miles a day just at work. After work I usually take Pongo for a walk or for a trip to the park. Aaron and I have started rock climbing and I love it! I’ve also started eating better and cutting back on the alcohol, I’m trying to make small changes so that my good habits stick. The Fitbit Flex holds me accountable and I find myself walking an extra block or two just to get my steps in, you can also input the food you eat throughout the day, and any extra exercises you do other than walking/running. Fitbit sends a weekly progress update email, and in one week I’ve walked 28 miles! The Fitbit also monitors your sleep patterns by detecting how much you move during sleep. And if you hate that pesky loud alarm clock, the Fitbit Flex will wake you with a vibrating alarm.Β  I am no where near my goal at this point I am just getting started but I look forward to continuing my journey with you all and seeing what I am capable of now that I am feeling better.


What are some of your favorite ways to stay active? I’d love the suggestions!


Thank you for reading, until next time!