Training Fails

Pongo is our “first dog” we’ve gotten on our own and 3 years later we still have no idea what we are doing.Β  He has a schedule, he gets one or two walks everyday plus dog park time once a week. But he refuses to let himself fall asleep because he will most definitely miss something. That results in “zoomies” around the house almost every night. I affectionately call him “Satan”.

He will steal anything and everything he sees and we never know what he is going to go for. Except if there is a sock nearby. He will always choose the sock.

He jumps. He whines.Β  He never listens. He doesn’t obnoxiously beg at the dinner table, but if anyone drop something it is fair game and he always wins. He sounds like a ferocious beast when playing tug. Every game is tug so forget about getting his toys off him either. Except for the Kong because he needs peanut butter.. Obviously. He’d be good with eating bugs though, and lizards if I’m not watching, oh and the dead things so gross. He will also chase the kitties all day long if I let him.


But when he finally relaxes he is the cutest thing ever.He is also super cuddly in the morning (or whenever he wakes up, since we managed to get him to sleep in). He knows lots of tricks too like bang and rollover and the names of all his toys which he’ll bring to you when you ask for them. He also knows that we love him and that he makes us happy. So I guess we did something right.


Can anyone relate? Lets talk about our perfectly imperfect pets in the comments. πŸ™‚

Ashley and Pongo