How To Entertain Your Dog Indoors- For Those Hot or Rainy Days!


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Hey everyone!

Summer is here and it is just too hot for our pups to play outside for too long, so us dog parents have to get creative right? Here in Florida we also have the double whammy of a summer storm every afternoon so I like to play some games with Pongo when we are cooped up in the house.


This one is super fun and it can last a long time depending on how crafty you want to be and how good your pup’s sniffer is! I hold Pongo in one part of the house for just a few minutes while I take bite sized treats and hide them all over the house. I try to keep track of where I’ve put them and about how many so I know he has gotten them all, then I set him loose and watch him use his tracking skills to find those goodies! I am always impressed with how well he does.


Pongo is extremely food motivated, and I love giving him puzzle toys to play with. But you can make your own! All you need to do this is a muffin pan from the dollar store, a pack of cheap tennis balls, and your dog’s favorite bite sized treats! Putting a few treats in select holes of the muffin pan, then putting a tennis ball in each hole will provide you and your pet endless entertainment and fun!

When I want to tire him out a bit, I take his favorite ball and toss it up the stairs a few times, I am always there to supervise to make sure he doesn’t fall or get too tired. But he loves it and it works in a pinch! (This probably isn’t a great idea for our older pups with arthritis or bad knees)

Lastly, why not bake your pupper some homemade dog treats? Baking together and letting your pup lick the spoon is the perfect rainy day activity! Consult your Veterinarian before giving your pup anything new first. I like this Peanut Butter and Banana dog treat recipe from Munchkins and the Military.

What are some ways you keep your pups entertained? I’d love to read about them in the comments!

Ashley and Pongo ❤️🐶


How To Keep Your Dog Busy and Cool This Summer with 5 Kong Recipes!

Hey Everyone!

If you are like me you are always looking for new ways to keep your fur babies happy and most importantly, BUSY. The Kong toy is the best thing I have ever bought for my dog Pongo. If you have never heard of this magical toy you can visit their website here. Kongs can also be purchased at any Petsmart, Petco, or Pet’s Supermarket. I have come up with 5 Kong stuffing recipes to keep Rover occupied for hours!**Before giving Fido any new foods, consult your Veterinarian first, and be careful, peanut butter containing Xylitol is poisonous to our pooches so always make sure to read the ingredients.  Here is a list of people food dangerous to pets. Keep Fifi in your sight while she is enjoying her tasty treat, and remember everything in moderation for us and our pets ! **

1.) Veggie Delight- Chop 1 carrot into smaller pieces and place into the Kong. I usually dice 1/4 of a boiled skinless sweet potato and place that in as well after it has cooled. I plug the small hole of the Kong ,usually with a Popsicle stick or anything you can find, to keep the liquid inside, then fill with NO sodium low fat chicken stock. Place the Kong into the freezer overnight.2.) Peanut Butter Dream- This one is simple but Pongo loves it. Just add 1/2 of a banana diced into bite-sized pieces and 1 scoop of peanut butter (Raw, unsalted peanut butter is best with no xylitol) and your pup will be in heaven. You could freeze this one for a few hours to make it last longer! Peanut butter can be fattening, so don’t let your pooch indulge too much! 😉3.) Blueberry Yogurt- Plain, unsweetened, Greek yogurt and a small handful of blueberries mixed and frozen into the Kong will be the Summer treat your dog will do tricks for!4.) Celery and Bell Pepper Snack- Mix a handful of diced celery and diced bell peppers (without the seeds) place into the Kong, plug that bottom hole up again and fill Kong with water. Place Kong in freezer overnight! For those pups that love to eat their veggies!

5.) Sweet and Savory- 3 strawberries, diced into small pieces with 1/2 diced cucumber, again frozen in water inside the Kong overnight, will be the crunchy snack your pup will enjoy!


Let us know which recipe was your pup’s favorite! Stay cool!

Ashley & Pongo