Dog Monitor App Review

OK so for all my  pet parents out there I have found the perfect app for you especially if you worry about your pets all day while you are out or if you just plain miss them! It is called Dog Monitor by the company TappyTaps and it lets you see what your pet is up to all day by using your own devices. Their long term plans are to utilize Windows and Chrome devices as well as Apple Watch and Android Wear so stay tuned :). Forget shelling out over $100 for one of these puppies because this app only costs $4.99 in the App Store.


So when you first download the app to both devices it is super easy to link them, the app walks you through it and involves typing in a pass code shown on one device into the other.. no big deal. The app asks you to differentiate which device is going to be the “Dog Station” ,meaning which device is going to stay home with your furry friend, and which device is going to be the “Person Station”, or which device is going to travel with you. These can be changed each time the app is opened though so no fear of commitment there ;).  As you can see from the picture above there is also an activity log showing you when monitoring your dog started, when he was resting or noisy, and how long they were monitored for.. so fancy.

The Dog Monitor works whether or not you’re on WiFi or using your phone’s data, but the live camera monitoring only works when both devices are on WiFi. Don’t fret though, if you’re out and about and not on WiFi you can hit the camera button and get a snapshot of what your pet is doing at that moment. When not monitoring your dog on the camera you get a cartoon picture of a dog, which one depends on whether your pet is resting or being noisy.img_0085img_0080img_0081

When Pongo was younger and I was a helicopter dog mom I used an app called ICam, which I loved and was similar to this. But Dog Monitor has a feature that ICam didn’t and that is I can hit the microphone button and talk to Pongo! This is my favorite feature on this app but I’m not too sure Pongo agrees :D. img_0084

TappyTaps has other apps one being a baby monitor version, you can check them out here. This app is pretty solid the only real “problem”I had was it makes a super loud alarm sound when one end is disconnected, but that is not a deal breaker for me and I highly recommend this app to my readers!

Check it out and let me know how you liked the Dog Monitor in the comments.. I’d also love suggestions on new pet friendly apps to try!

Ashley & Pongo


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