We’re Back!

Hi All!
So as you probably read on the homepage this is the new home of Ashley Mauro Blog. One day my gmail stopped working and my hosting site was expired so I couldn’t reconfigure it, I forgot my password to my hosting site but couldn’t recover it because my email wasn’t working! So instead of paying for another year and going through all the hassle to recover my bluehost account I’m using the free wordpress version for now. A lot has happened lately and I can’t wait to share our new adventures with you guys! The first huge change is that I left my job at Disney and Aaron and I have decided to move to Tampa. For the time being I went back to waiting tables at Chilis and commuting from Orlando until we find a place sometime in July. But so far I am happy with the schedule flexibility and the increase in our income. I have some of my old blog posts on a backup but I did lose a few, so I will post the ones that I have and I am happy to be back!




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